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IMV Technologies. For Life.

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IMV Technologies. For Life.


In 1963, Robert Cassou founded IMV technologies and set the standard for semen storage and insemination with the revolutionary « French Straw »

Since then, we’ve approached every new solution with the same innovation spirit as he did.

Today we are still leader i applied and disruptive technologies. We not only make things; we also improve things that already exist.


Curiosity is one of our main drivers. We’re never satisfied with the status quo. From semen collection to wireless ultrasound, this philosophy is why our technology is accepted and relied upon around the world.

Beyond technology, we create state-of-the-art techniques and programs to support it implementation.


Life is nothing without the planet we call home. That’s why in everything we do, we push to implement sustainable practices that minimize our carbon footprint. It’s not just ou stated corporate responsibility. It is ou life.

We challenge ourselves with new thinking that drives toward sustainable food sources for future generations. Through the use of our technologies, we believe land resources can be more efficiently managed and agriculture can become more sustainable. We aim to preserve Earth’s abundance and beauty.

We have a genuine desire to make a positive impact, for life.


For over 55 years, we’ve been at the leading edge of artificial insemination technology.

Over time, we’ve evolved to become mire than an artificial insemination company. Our reproductive biotechnologies, which have become the standard across the glove, touch every aspect fo reproduction, including collection gametes, confirmation pregnancy and managing data.

With an exponentially growing population, abundant and sustainable food sources are critical. Our technologies make this possible. This notion is a driving force behind IMV Technologies.


At IMV Technologies, we are one team with one vision: We exist for life. As leading drivers of progress, we promote an environment of innovation for every individual directly or indirectly involved in this never-ending pursuit.

With every one of our partners, we create a strong and long-lasting relationship that benefits us all. From the human embryologists helping families grow, to the farmers helping us feed the world, we value each connection.

Life is a complex thing. Only by working together in true partnership can we thrive.

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