Top Bull Sheath

photo Top Bull Sheath

Top Bull Sheath

Арт. 028215

A specialized sheath for use with mini straws. Featuring a reduced diameter, optimized tip design, and a perfect fit between the sheath, straw, and applicator, the TBS sheath brings heightened precision to insemination.  

Арт. 028215
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The Top Bull Sheath, the sheath for insemination experts who want to be even more efficient in their work. This thinner sheath with a special shape in its tip, when used with the dedicated TBS applicator, is the indispensable tool to complete your insemination box.

Deposit up to 5% more diluted semen with the Top Bull Sheath. TBS is designed for mini straws only so its insert creates a perfect seal and will see reduced amount of backflow. In addition, the specific tip shape reduces dead-volume from 15μL, with a standard sheath, to 5μL with the TBS.

With the TBS sheath and applicator:

- easily manage difficult-to-breed cows

- improve semen use

- support environmental sustainability


Top Bull Sheath Applicator

A specialized applicator for exclusive use with the Top Bull Sheath and mini straws. Больше информации